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If you love hugs—both giving and receiving—check out this web site:




Hug It Forward is a 501c3 non-profit that celebrates the idea of giving out of pure love, without expecting anything in return. Their goal is to create change through the scientifically proven power of hugs and  provide schools built out of wasted trash bottles called “bottle schools” (recycled plastic bottles used to build eco-friendly schools in developing countries). 

We love hugs. We love giving hugs, we love receiving hugs – we just love hugs!

With the hug-tracking technology on this web site, you can now see what happens when you hug ten people and those ten people Hug It Forward. With the speed of modern travel, the hug you give someone on your street could soon end up in another city, another state or even another country!

Not only that, but for each hug you give, Hug It Forward’s sponsors will donate $1 to fund Bottle Schools.


This is a really cool program.

What’s even more fun, you can track your hugs: see where your hug came from and click around to follow its journey!

Check it out – and send a hug today.


This Old Crone


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I received this email from Gay and Katie Hendricks of The Shift Network and just had to pass it on. Enjoy!

We wanted to dash off a quick email to you today and share some fun research on hugging. There’s actually an ideal length for a hug that makes a particular difference in your connection with someone. And the magic number is…

20 seconds!

Yep, that’s all it takes to release oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin, as you may remember, is the bonding hormone that allows you to establish a deep connection with others.

While 20 seconds seems like a short amount of time, think about the hugs you typically give and receive. Most are about 3 seconds or less.

Further research has also shown that oxytocin can help reduce your blood pressure and your risk of heart disease. So, hugging is a wonderful health benefit, too!

The next time you go to hug your mate, family member, friend or someone else you’re close to, try embracing for at least 20 seconds and experience the positive difference this can make for both of you.


Sending you a hug ’til next time,

Gay & Katie






The Shift Network

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