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A glorious spring day — Easter Sunday. A symbol of rebirth and hope. I wish you all many more days just like this one.

I know many people regard cronehood as a time of endings rather than beginnings. However, since I acknowledged my own crone status, I have felt better than I have in a long time. The thought of aging has not been easy for me–I sometimes miss the vigor and carefree-ness of youth. Not that I am OLD or anything close to it!!! Just old-er.

But sliding into crone status has a freedom all its own. A lot of the pressures of being young slip away. My children are grown, and although I still worry about them at times (as most any mother does), they are mature adults now and completely on their own. I am more content with relationships, and just getting along with (almost) everybody seems easier somehow.

As for career, I actually feel a rebirth coming on! I know that my work on this earth is not done yet, and that I am on the verge of taking off in a new direction. Being a crone signifies for me wisdom, experience, patience, and the willingness to share myself more with others. Somehow this will translate into what will become my life’s work, and I find myself looking forward to this stage of my life more than I ever thought possible. I can’t wait to see how it develops!


This Old Crone


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