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It is so easy to toss out all those old clichés about change. You can change your direction, your mind, and your tune. You may have a change of heart or change of scenery. You can put your shoe on the other foot, or your boot on the other leg. You may wish to wait for a change in the wind or for the weather to change completely. Meanwhile, some of us would rather wait for a game changer, while others prefer to introduce new blood into a situation and just start with a whole new ball of wax. 

Clichés have been defined as “the metaphors and turns of phrase that have become tired through overuse” (Beckson, Karl and Arthur Ganz. Literary Terms: A Dictionary, Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged. NY: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1989). Unfortunately,  I find that my life has become a cliché.  I overuse phrases like “I need to change” or “I want to change my life.” I am simply and truly tired of hearing myself whine and complain about the same old things over and over. I can only imagine my friends are tempted to run the other way when I approach so they don’t have to listen to me, either.

Some habits and styles are simple to change and do not usually upset the equilibrium. For instance, you can change your hair style and you might get a few comments about how you look but nobody is going to really care very much. Or maybe you decide to change your eating habits—no big deal, unless you start following some weird nutritional regime such as the Baby Food Diet (in which you eat several servings of goopy pureed greens daily), the Taco Bell “drive-thru diet”, the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet, the HCG diet (where practitioners eat only about 500 calories a day and inject themselves with a hormone that is naturally produced by the placenta of a pregnant woman), or my personal favorite, the Cookie Diet, that allows followers to eat only six cookies and a healthy dinner every day for as long as it takes to meet their goals. (More information about these and other weird diets can be found at World’s Weirdest Diets by Jenna Goudreau.)

Changing a hair style or a diet is relatively easy; making a serious lifestyle change can be very difficult. “Old habits die hard” as the saying goes, and unless we make a determined effort to make a needed adjustment, it is too easy to put it off, and keep putting it off, until we forget we ever even thought about making a change in the first place.

The other night I went to bed early and woke up after an extremely lucid dream. I felt compelled to get the story down on paper before the details faded along with the images. I was unwilling to wait for morning for fear that by postponing the task I would lose the insights from the dream. I’m not going to go into the dream itself; suffice to say that it vividly highlighted an area in which I have been procrastinating for years. However, I will say that it pointed out the possibility that if I had not put off following a particular life path I might have found great personal satisfaction and a sense of professional accomplishment in certain areas. The dream reminded me it is not too late to start. Indeed, it is vitally important to my own well-being that I pay attention, for it showed me what can happen if I keep on ignoring what my true self knows.

The dream’s message reminded me of aspirations I put off and even considered abandoning all together. It also left me in a clear frame of mind to seriously re-orient the current direction of my life—to start a whole new ball of wax, so to speak. This blog is just the beginning of my life-path readjustment, and the changes I envision hopefully will have significant and positive consequences for myself as well as others.

I realize that satisfying my desire to share my thoughts engenders a responsibility to be well-informed rather than merely well-intentioned. A person’s words always have the potential to influence the attitudes of others, and therefore it is necessary for me to consider the risk of . . .

 “unintended consequences”

Altering my life also makes me aware that if I encourage change, I must also know how to balance the results that change inevitably produces. But that is a topic for another day. For now, to use another—albeit fun—cliché . . .
Th-th-th-that’s all folks!’ *


This Old Crone

*Porky Pig, in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons


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